Scheduling Information and Key Dates*

Important Dates
October 20, 2022Preliminary Approval Order
February 17, 2023Notice Deadline
April 4, 2023Exclusion (Opt Out) Deadline
April 4, 2023Objection Deadline
April 21, 2023 at 8:30 a.mFinal Approval (Fairness) Hearing
August 10, 2023Repair and Out of Pocket Reimbursement Claim Deadline
May 12, 2023Final Order and Judgment

*On July 13, 2023, an appeal from the Final Approval Order and Judgment was filed in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal. The Effective Date of the Court approval of the settlement cannot be determined until after this appeal has been resolved. Although HMA will continue to process claims under the settlement, claims and other settlement benefits will not be available or paid until the Ninth Circuit appellate court has ruled on the appeal. Please check the settlement website for updated information.

**Please note, these date may change. Please check the settlement website frequently for updated information.